The name Waronker has been heard in the music business forever. Legendary record producer and executive Lenny Waronker (Anna's father and Dreamworks president), Joey (drummer for Beck, R.E.M.) and Anna Waronker (ex-That Dog (remember their video in the hot dog stand?)). Anna, the solo debut which she wrote, produced, and played the majority of the instruments on, strongly resembles the memorable moments of Liz Phair or
Nina Gordon's recordings. The fourteen rock-fueled tracks dive into the synthetic universe for various beats and noises, but the focus of this release is on Anna's voice, a voice that shines with layer after layer of blinding pulchritude. At times it has a modern day Joan Jett/bad rock chick persona, but for the most part it's like the little girl who sold Girl Scout cookies to us all those years, grew up and made a strong sounding record. The first two tracks are definitely standouts, and the revealing album cover definitely makes other stuff stick up. The record is out now on Five Foot Two Records, a division of Oglio, owned by Anna Waronker and Go-Go Charlotte Caffrey. Congrats to Steve McDonald for having a beautiful and talented wife who created a charming solo debut.

Anna Waronker
Five Foot Two Records