Live - Oasis Will Live Forever In New York

Oasis made their triumphant return to the stage in New York City on
Sunday night, after an auto accident in Indiana had sidelined their current tour of the United States. Noel and Andy seemed fine after
their recent run-in with an anxious taxi driver and his consequent
airbags, and a sold out Roseland greeted the Gallaghers and company as
if they were welcoming back old friends. Noticeably absent was their
touring keyboardist, who was replaced by one of the members of the
opening band, Swedish powerhouse The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

In an era when many clichÈ bands (see: The Strokes, The Hives,
The Vines) are credited with looking to the past for inspiration, Oasis
are slagged off by music critics and fans alike for being chained to
their musical roots. True, much of their new material may sound
old, but it has the same feeling and passion behind it than any of
the "new" music being put out by the bands "of the moment."

Liam and company roared through their current touring set
including dead on versions of the classics like "Morning Glory," "Live
Forever," "Columbia" and "Cigarettes and Alcohol," and inspired versions of
the new Heathen Chemistry songs, "The Hindu Times," "Force of Nature" and
"Stop Crying Your Heart Out."

And, just when you thought the Gallaghers were done and over
causing controversy, they publicly called out their current U.S. record
label, Epic Records, live on stage with a series of backhanded jabs about their work on the new Oasis record, Heathen Chemistry. Noel
instigated the verbal warfare by insinuating that if it was 1995 the
band would have received hundreds of "Get Well" cards from fans and
record company people alike, but due to the fact that Oasis aren't as
fashionable anymore and their run on modern rock radio all but over,
all of their cards must have gotten lost in the mail. Liam continued
the insults as he went out of his way to let the Roseland balcony VIPs
know that he felt that many of the record company people from record
labels besides their own were paying much more attention to them than the fine folks at Sony. Noelcontinued the fun by flipping
off the rosy cheeked VIPs and telling them to get off their asses,
because "we aren't in Las Vegas."

Oasis knew they were in the spotlight and they delivered with
an enthusiastic show full of great songs, some old fashioned rock & roll venom and enough star power (i.e., the adoring Coldplay in the
balcony) to make it seem that it was 1995 again. Oasis may be getting
older, and much of the time they may seem to be a hell of a lot more
boring, but when it comes down to it I wouldn't bet against them.

Source: Patrick Schmidt, Y100

Live - Oasis Will Live Forever In New York