American Cheese

Nerf Herder were formed in 1994 and dropped their debut on Joey Cape from Lagwagon's My Records. Live 105's pin-up boy Aaron Axelsen helped bring the hilarious quartet to the limelight, which eventually landed them a mediocre (and short-lived) deal with Arista Records. In addition to touring with Weezer, Bloodhound Gang, Reel Big Fish, and the Vandals, Nerf Herder wrote and performed the theme song for the hot youth-oriented television show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Fans of the band call Nerf Herder's quirky and funny punk "nerd core," which is complimented nicely with the lyrics and tracks found on the first single from their third amusement American Cheese, "Welcome To My World." This popper shows the point of view of a kid that hates the cast of Cheers, and who whacks it to Cinemax. What more do you want in a punk song than the use of the word Jagermeister? Other favorites include "Mr. Spock" and "Jenna Bush Army." If the creators of South Park ever joined a punk band, it would be Nerf Herder.

Nerf Herder
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American Cheese