God damn. If this isn't music to take drugs to, I don't know what is. Well, let me retract that somewhat. I'm not sure that Sasha's latest album is exactly the best uptempo E-dropping jam CD I have ever heard, but if it's just you, some peeps and a lighter, you could do much worse. airdrawndagger is a wonderfully textured album, layer upon layer of sound adding up to a whole greater than the sum of the parts. Highly evocative of early '90s ambient dub label Beyond (think Higher Intelligence Agency, Another Fine Day, APL and early Banco de Gaia), the bubbling undertones and atmospheric sounds blend together to produce the perfect chill-out music for either nocturnal listening sessions after nights on the town or for bringing your heart rate down after spending two hours in traffic. Come to think of it, airdrawn almost serves a medicinal purpose in calming the soul and clearing the mind. I wonder if I can write this off on my taxes?