Miss Lucifer

Upon first listen, you may be transported back to the '80s and the likes of Bigod 20 or Front 242, but, no, it's your favorite pop chameleons, Primal Scream. From their jangle-pop beginnings to their baggy statements of 1991 to their Rolling Stones revival of Give Out But Don't Give Up to 2000's Exterminator, Bobby Gillespie and crew have always found a way to change with the times, and "Miss Lucifer" is no exception. Taking off where "Swastika Eyes" left off, all driving techno rhythms and chanted vocals, "Miss Lucifer" definitely looks to the future. With the success of electro-clash artists Fischerspooner and the new wave of new wave that is Omaha, NE's The Faint, the seed was sewn for The Scream to record a single like this. The full-length, Evil Heat drops momentarily, and if it's anything like the single, prepare for long nights of dancing. Either that, or dressing up like Darth Vader and issuing ominous commands. One of the two.

Primal Scream
Columbia UK

Miss Lucifer