Jeff Buckley to Release New Album?

The powerful, innovative and deceased singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley will release Songs to No One on October 15. The album is being pieced together from 11 previously unreleased tracks recently found by Evolver Records featuring the late musician in collaboration with Gods & Monsters mainman Gary Lucas. According to Billboard, the unreleased tracks were recorded during demo sessions, rehearsals, and NYC live shows between November of 1991 and April of 1992. Songs to No One was compiled by producer Hal Willner (Blondie, Debbie Harry) with the approval of Buckley's estate.

Two of the tracks have undergone some changes, as overdubs were added. Bill Frisell added guitar licks to a live version of "Satisfied Mind," while Sex Mob laid down new horn, bass, drums, and organ parts for "She Is Free." Jeff Buckley drown in Memphis in 1997 while working on his sophomore album. Peep the tracklist for Songs for No One below.

Songs for No One:

"Hymn l'Amour" (Buckley/Lucas duet, rehearsal, Feb. 1992)

"How Long Will It Take" (Buckley/Lucas duet, live at CBGB Gallery, April 23, 1992)

"Mojo Pin" (Buckley/Lucas duet, live at Knitting Factory, April 18, 1992)

"Songs to No One," (Buckley/Lucas duet, rehearsal, Jan. 1992)

"Grace," (full band demo, Aug. 1991)

"Satisfied Mind," (Buckley solo, live at Knitting Factory, March 22, 1992)

"Cruel," (full band, live at Knitting Factory, March 22, 1992)

"She Is Free," (Buckley/Lucas duet, rehearsal, Jan. 1992)

"Harem Man," (Buckley/Lucas duet, rehearsal, Jan. 1992)

"Malign Fiesta (No Soul)," (full band, live at Knitting Factory, March 22, 1992)

"Grace," (Buckley/Lucas duet, live at Club Roulette, April 5, 1992)

Jeff Buckley to Release New Album?