New MP3s From Jets To Brazil Fly High

New York City's Jets To Brazil will release their long awaited third album, Perfecting Loneliness, on October 15. Jade Tree will dish out the double LP/CD, which was produced in the mighty Inner Ear Studios by J Robbins. The Tripwire covertly lifted two new MP3s from the Jade Tree site, Mission Impossible stylee, and have posted them here for you to hear. Check out
"Cat Heaven" and "Perfecting Loneliness." Bonus footage from the studio sessions will also be found on the enhanced Perfecting Loneliness disc, which already sounds better than the medicore Four Cornered Night dud. If you want to read the complete 12-song listing, then I suggest that you touch the more button now.

Jets To Brazil Perfecting Loneliness

1. "The Frequency"

2. "You're the One I Want"

3. "Cat Heaven"

4. "Perfecting Loneliness"

5. "Lucky Charm"

6. "Wish List"

7. "Psalm"

8. "Autumn Walker"

9. "Further North"

10. "William Tell Override"

11. "Disgrace"

12. "Rocket Boy"

Source: Jason Anfinsen

New MP3s From Jets To Brazil Fly High