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Drowning Pool Frontman Found Dead In Tour Bus

Dave Williams, frontman of the Dallas-based hard rock quartet Drowning Pool, was found dead in his bunk on the band's tour bus Wednesday afternoon. According to Wind-up Records, the cause of death has yet to be determined. Drowning Pool has been performing on the main stage at Ozzfest and had a day off between their show Tuesday in Noblesville, IN, and a stop in Bristow, VA, today. According to MTV, Ozzfest will go ahead as scheduled. Drowning Pool's metal smash "Bodies," from the band's debut album Sinner, propelled the quartet to stardom and was largely responsible for the 1.2 million albums sold.

The band's rise to fame was a quick one. They began last year's Ozzfest playing a daytime slot on the 3rd stage and, by the end of the tour, were playing select dates on the main stage. Drowing Pool were booked to play the main stage for the extent of this year's Ozzfest. Disturbed's David Draiman, a friend of Williams, had this to say about the tragedy: "[He] didn't have a bad bone in his body, just very kind-hearted, very good-natured, very genuine, always trying to make everyone around him smile. [He was] always trying to bring some life to the party with his own little dramatic flair. Everyone loved him. I don't know a single person that has ever met Dave Williams and not just instantly fallen in love with him. He could charm anyone to death. He was a very special guy. It's shocking." Williams was 30 years old.

Drowning Pool Frontman Found Dead In Tour Bus