Blur, Elbow Add Support To "Stop The War" Campaign

The anti-war campaign in the UK is gaining momentum, at least in the rock and roll sphere. Members of Blur and Elbow have stepped up and publicly voiced their support for the position taken by Massive Attack and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the "Stop The War" movement. The bands want the US and UK to use diplomatic means to end the pending crisis in Iraq and are trying to get other bands of influence to step up and help get British Prime Minister Tony Blair to see their point of view and back off from violent confrontation. In separate interviews with, the frontmen of Blur and Elbow spoke of their support.

It seems that supporting CND is nothing new for Damon Albarn, who claimed, "

I've been a supporter of CND since I was a kid, my father and grandfather were conscientious objectors. It's very clear where my line is coming from. It's something very consistent throughout my entire life." He added,

"I'm not having a go at anybody else's Government, I'm talking and focusing in on my own, and we should have a discussion." Guy Garvey of Elbow was more direct and to the point, driving the point home with:

"The pressure needs to be put on Tony Blair . He needs to know he won't be elected again if he keeps doing this. People have to realize innocent people are dying in their name." Massive Attack and the CND are still working at forming bands into a coalition and getting them to post ads in the NME stating their beliefs and asking for support from their fans. Good thing American acts are getting so active.

Blur, Elbow Add Support To "Stop The War" Campaign