Live - Maroon 5 Sell Out The Bowery In NYC

As I approached the Bowery Ballroom venue to see the California crew Maroon 5 on 8/20, my mind was a little cluttered about what to expect. I had heard from some people that their live performance was not that good, they are corny on stage etc. But for some reason, I just had to see these guys in person. I thought to myself, "the lead singer's voice is just so strong that the show can?t be that bad."

The lesson here is: always trust your instincts. I was extremely surprised by the performance. They sounded exactly the same as their album, and the lead singer's voice is absolutely the truth. The way they flowed effortlessly between songs was amazing. They kept their set short, sweet and to the point (no more then 40 minutes.) By no means was this the best concert I have ever been to, but my respect for them has shot through the roof.

On their album, Songs About Jane, their production just does not do them justice. Get these guys on stage and you will be pleasantly surprised, just as I was. For any members of college activities boards reading this review, go get Octone Records artists Maroon 5, put them in your coffee shop and just let them play. Trust me, the people will come.

Source: Jamaal Layne

Live - Maroon 5 Sell Out The Bowery In NYC