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Tommy Lee Replaces Drowning Pool at Ozzfest

Pam Anderson's well endowed ex-hubby Tommy Lee will take over for Drowning Pool on this year's installment of the annual Ozzfest tour. As I'm sure everyone already knows, Drowning Pool's frontman Dave Williams was found dead in the band's tour bus on August 14 in Manassas, VA, and thus, the band will not be able to finish out their stint at Ozzfest. According to MTV, Lee was on a tour of his own when he got the Ozzfest invite and may have to postpone or cancel two previously scheduled dates in order to take over the vacant main-stage slot. The rock star, who spends his free time dangling from the ceiling in a specially designed sex swing, will join the tour on August 22 in Denver and will be supporting his first solo album, entitled Never a Dull Moment.

Tommy Lee Replaces Drowning Pool at Ozzfest