Kill The Moonlight

The Texas trio known as Spoon are also known as fucking awesome. I admit, I jumped onboard the 2001 Girls Can Tell bandwagon, which was stunning collection of super cool rock tracks with a nostalgic retro-funk flare. Kill The Moonlight struts nice moves over chunky grooves that make this album a "must use" for all bedroom purposes (solo or otherwise). "Stay Don't Go" is unbelievable good, as singer Brit Daniel hits the Mickey Mouse-pitched chords, creating a sexually-charged motif that runs rampant throughout this album. Other favorites include the single "The Way We Get By" and "Don?t Let It Get You Down" which sounds like it's being sung in a horrible Cheech Marin accent. Pianos, tambourines, horns, simulated hand claps, and synthetic noise help add to the depths of this interestingly deep record which possesses many solid layers. Spoon's
biggest asset is their fearless attitude towards exploring bold and risky musical choices. Their fresh and often experimental choices always make their handsome sound stand out above the rest.


Kill The Moonlight