Live - The Flaming Lips Light Up with Unlimited Sunshine

Ok, I'm not going to lie. Though this bill was packed with a bizarre and diverse lineup, and I was there to see The Flaming Lips. Kinky - missed 'em. Modest Mouse - way cool, all the indie/emo kids loved it. De La Soul - lots of hands in the air and head bobbin' happenin', good stuff. Cake finished the night, but after the Lips' set, anything would be a letdown.

When bands try and pull off the "audio/visual/sensory experience" thing, usually one of the elements fails to hit the mark. Not only did The Lips succeed with each, bringing amazing visuals to the show, but also Wayne Coyne and co. delivered a sonic spectacle that brought something out of this world to Prospect Park.

Opening the set with their newest single "Do You Realize" off the brilliant Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, four giant mirror balls began spinning, sending beams of light across the stage and crowd. Roadies dressed in furry animal suits danced alongside the band, shining flashlights at the band while sending confetti-filled balloons into the playful audience. Oh, the confetti. Wayne Coyne, always the true showman, seemed to have a new trick up his sleeve for each song. Fake blood, fog machine and confetti, oh, the confetti. So while this seems like a twisted 7-year-old's birthday party, The Lips were dead-on musically. The set seemed short as they blasted through a Soft Bulletin-heavy set that included "Race for the Prize," "A Spoonful Weighs a Ton," and "Waiting for Superman" as well as new songs "The Test" and "Yoshimi vs. The Robots." A highlight of the set was a triumphant Lips-style version of Kylie?s "Can't Get You Outta My Head."

The Flaming Lips continue to break new ground with each record, bringing new and completely weird elements to their sound. At the core of their music and live performance are songs that are heartfelt, catchy and evoke emotions ranging from sadness to exuberant joy. Live, The Lips bring their records to life like no other and are able to create a full-on experience that brings you into their own very special world for 50 minutes. Last night I left Prospect Park wishing I were still in the Flaming Lips' world.

Live - The Flaming Lips Light Up with Unlimited Sunshine