Damage is the new heartfelt EP from the Austin, Texas, quartet Western Keys. The first two numbers, "Getting Sick" and "Please Rock" are the EPs stand out tracks, both of which are terminally addictive pop songs with likeable hooks. "Laughter" features some haunting female vocals which sprinkle a somber note on this otherwise upbeat delight, as does "Become You." "Driver Denies" turns the dial to a folk/country number that echoes Modest Mouse singer Isaac Brock's nasal howls, as it kicks into a boisterous chorus of emotion. Modest Mouse, Built To Spill and American Analog Set come to mind throughout this short teaser for a full-length, that will hopefully come out soon on the Self-Starter Foundation. Western Keys mix up the tempo and seem to create wholesomely good songs that make you smile and want more.

Western Keys
Self-Starter Foundation