Dashboard Head To Places They Have Come To Fear The Most

Emo-heartthrob and touring MACHINE Chris Carrabba and the rest of his Dashboard Confessional posse are yet again hitting the road to spread the gospel about last year's The Places Your Have Come To Fear The Most. They'll kick it all off in the ex-stomping grounds of Jason Anfinsen and his one-man comedy brigade (not to mention Carrabba's home state), West Palm Beach, FL, on the first of October, while the tour will cease a month and a day later in Tempe, AZ. In the meantime, Dashboard is still in the running for the MTV2 Award at Thursday's MTV Music Awards, going up against such heavyweights as The Strokes and The Hives. amongst others. Get your last minute
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Dashboard Confessional continue their world tour 2002:

10.01.02 - West Palm Beach, FL Mars (Music Amphitheatre)

10.02.02 - St. Petersburg, FL (Janus Landing)

10.03.02 - Lake Buena Vista, FL (House of Blues)

10.04.02 - Myrtle Beach, SC (House of Blues)

10.05.02 - Atlanta, GA (Dekalb Atlanta Center)

10.06.02 - Raleigh, NC (The Ritz)

10.07.02 - Norfolk, VA (Norva)

10.09.02 - New York, NY (Roseland)

10.10.02 - Washington D.C. (9:30 Club)

10.11.02 - Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)

10.12.02 - Worcester, MA (Palladium)

10.13.02 - TBA (TBA)

10.14.02 - TBA (TBA)

10.16.02 - Montreal, QC (Metropolis)

10.17.02 - Toronto, ON (Kool Haus)

10.18.02 - Detriot, MI (State Theater)

10.19.02 - Chicago, IL (Congress)

10.20.02 - St. Louis, MO (Mississippi Nites)

10.21.02 - Lawerence, KS (Liberty Hall)

10.22.02 - Green Bay, WI (Riverside Ballroom)

10.24.02 - Denver, CO (Ogden)

10.25.02 - TBA (TBA)

10.26.02 - TBA (TBA)

10.28.02 - Seattle, WA (Northgate Theatre)

10.29.02 - Portland, OR (Crystal Ballroom)

10.30.02 - San Francisco, CA (Galleria)

10.31.02 - Hollywood, CA (Palladium)

11.01.02 - Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues)

11.02.02 - Tempe, AZ (Bash on Ash)

Dashboard Head To Places They Have Come To Fear The Most