Next Offspring Won't Take Nine Months To Gestate

As we
wrote yesterday

you can see Offspring on their two dates on the

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam (what in the hell does that mean, anyway?), and when you do, you may get a chance to hear some new material. That's because their next album is in the works, frontman Dexter Holland told Rolling Stone. The band has about nine songs written for the album Holland joked as being called Appetizer For Destruction while waiting for Guns 'N' Roses to hit the stage this weekend at the Carling Leeds Festival. When asked to describe the direction the band were currently heading, Holland said,

"It sounds like an Offspring album. If you like 'All I Want' or 'Bad Habit,' you might like a lot of these songs. We have other songs that are a little more rocking, like 'Gotta Get Away,' and then there are the oddballs that don't sound like anything." The band is expected to record the album with Conspiracy Of One's producer, Brendan O'Brien, and the album is expected to hit shelves in February of next year.

Next Offspring Won't Take Nine Months To Gestate