Jetpack Blues

Minneapolis-based Polara have returned from a life of major label restraint
to release an album as free and clear as Sprint PCS, and without those pesky daytime-only minutes hiking up your phone bill. Jetpack Blues is a straight forward rock album with a twist. Its 11 songs have a stripped down rock & roll frame, but each has been covered with a rich sonic tapestry that makes the album anything but ordinary. Whether it's the soulful, funky horn section on "Is This It?" (no, not a Strokes cover silly), or the pitter patter of a conga drum buried deep in the mix on "Overboard," Jetpack Blues is full of fun and interesting surprises that will have you discovering new sounds each time you give it a listen. The album has its share of radio-ready hits too. The title track, "Can't Get Over You," "Wig On," and the previously mentioned "Is This It?" are all great songs that will put Polara back on the map.


Jetpack Blues