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Live - Yeah Yeah Yeah! Karen O Is a Star

Forget what you heard: Karen O is a star. Never mind that her band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs have only put out one five song EP (Touch & Go). Never mind that they donít even have a record deal (then again, did the Strokes when you first heard ìLast Nite?î). Never mind that they headlined a show on Saturday in a vacant lot in Brooklyn, on a makeshift stage, with only one working microphone and spotty amplification. Understand ñ none of this matters. Karen O is a star. A heart stopper. And lemme tell ya, when the Yeahs ñ Karen, guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase ñ play ìBang,î and Karen shouts that crusher of a hook; ìAs a fuck, son, you suck!î- you REALLY donít wanna be the guy sheís singing to.

Weíre talking Debbie Harry/Chrissie Hynde/Courtney Love. Sexy. Totally in charge. And a little bit mean. But it works ñ so much so that it doesnít matter that Chaseís drumming is a bit spotty, that some nutcase in a hand-knitted bumblebee bonnet keeps throwing beer on them, or that the gig is a technical nightmare. ìBang,î ìMystery Girl,î ìOur Time,î some new ones ñ and Karen and her foxy self have trumped all obstacles. Fitz and Arthur, the twisted ones who hatched this whole cockamamie happening, smile. Theyíve known for some time what the world will find out soon enough about Karen O; this little woman is a juggernaut. Yeah.

Source: Ben Dietz

Live - Yeah Yeah Yeah! Karen O Is a Star