Sparta Bring The Metal To The Masses

Former At The Drive-In havoc wreckers, Sparta, will kick off their heavy US tour tonight in Seattle. The DreamWorks artists are supporting their new metal release Wiretap Scars, with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In, Small Brown Bike, Longfellow, Loudermilk, and more. In addition to a few fall radio festivals, Sparta will invade and conquer Late Night with Conan OíBrien on September 24. If you want to see if they will be coming to your town, check out the complete itinerary.

Sparta September Dates:

09.05.02 - Seattle, WA (Graceland w/ Pleasure Forever, Loudermilk)

09.07.02 - Portland, OR (Meow Meow
w/ Bluebird)

09.08.02 - San Francisco, CA (Slims
w/ Longfellow, Loudermilk)

09.09.02 - Pomona, CA (Glasshouse
Longfellow, Loudermilk)

09.10.02 - Tempe, AZ (Nita's Hideaway
Longfellow, Loudermilk)

09.12.02 - Austin, TX (Music Hall
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.13.02 - Dallas, TX (Bronco Bowl
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.14.02 - Tulsa, OK (KMYZ Edgefest @ Will Rogers Downs
w/Jimmy Eat World, Blindside, Cave-In, Sugarcult, Sevendust)

09.16.02 - Houston, TX (Verizon Wireless Theater
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.17.02 - New Orleans, LA

09.19.02 - Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.20.02 - Columbia, SC (WARQ show at Finley Park
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.21.02 - Richmond, VA (WDYL fest
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-in, Finch, American Hi-Fi)

09.22.02 - Washington DC (GWU
w/ Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In

09.23.02 - Philadelphia, PA (TLA
w/ Cave-In, Breaking Panagea)

09.24.02 - Late Night with Conan OíBrien

09.25.02 - Grand Rapids, MI (Calvin College
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.26.02 - Green Bay, WI (Phoenix Sports Center
w/Jimmy Eat World, Cave-In)

09.27.02 - Chicago, IL (Metro
w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

09.28.02 - Atlanta, GA (99X BDO fest @ Hi Fi Buys
w/Stone Pilots, Sum 41, Filter, The Roots, New Found Glory)

09.30.02 - Detroit, MI (Clutch Cargo) w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)


10.01.02 - Toronto, ONT (Phoenix Concert Hall w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

10.02.02 - Ottawa, ONT (Babylon
w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

10.04.02 - Boston, MA (Paradise
w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

10.05.02 - Washington, DC (Black Kat
w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

10.06.02 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom
w/Cave-In, Small Brown Bike)

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Sparta Bring The Metal To The Masses