Black City

Wow. What a shocker. Another Swedish band here to rock your pants off. What is UP what that country? It's got a population of like 26,000 people or something, yet they bring the RAWK like almost no one else, from established miscreants The Hives to (International) Noise Conspiracy to up-and-comers Sahara Hotnights and now Division Of Laura Lee. The quartet of Per StÂlberg, Jonas Gustavsson, David Ojala and HÂkan Johansson may hail from the land of the fjords, but they sound as though they were handpicked from the best of the best of Detroit, circa 1973, and fused with D.C. kingpins Fugazi. Shades of fellow US capital rockers Girls Against Boys are also evident. Scuzzy guitars, scuzzier vocals and a shake of R&B boogie all combine to form the music that will undoubtedly show up on tastemakers year-end top 10s. And deservedly so. Album opener "Need To Get Some" is a garage classic in waiting, while the title track, "Black City" is a fuzz-disco barnburner, one sure to make you jump around the room like a lunatic, especially after a touch of, say, liquid encouragement. The Division of Laura Lee bandwagon is now leaving. Allll abooooaaaarrrrrdd!

Division Of Laura Lee
Epitaph/Burning Heart

Black City