Open Mic: 9/11 Reflections

Thinking back to the tragic events of September I can remember
everything from that morning? Since that day, our world has most certainly
changed. Although the events of September 11th ripped the heart from all
people and stomped on it, I must say that there is a silver lining as a
result. I remember the weeks and months after the event going through every
address book that I have with the mindset that I was going to reach out to
my friends and family to let them know that I care. Just to say hello...for
no reason whatsoever other than the fact that I needed to hear that from
them. I found a new level of appreciation for people that I passed on the
street. Obviously music impacted me deeply prior to 9/11, however, this year
I have found deeper meanings lyrically and sonically in music, new depth in
songs that I have heard a thousand times over. In short, although the
events of the past deeply sadden me, I think that they had me find a new
level of passion for others and music. Peace be within the heart...share it
with everyone...create a chain reaction so that we don't have to experience
the pain that we did a year ago.

Source: Amy Cox, Deep South Entertainment

Open Mic: 9/11 Reflections