The first thing that strikes you about the first track from Serafin's EP2 is the sheer urgency of the music. On "One More Way," the quartet from London combine searing guitars and manic, driving percussion, aurally informing you they are on their way somewhere and plan on getting there quickly. And with any luck, the place they are headed is the stratosphere of success. It may sound like the band stole their guitars from Placebo, or at least their tunings, but you'll hear no complaints from this corner. Other reference points could include skyscraping rockers Muse or Idlewild, if the band were fronted by a singer molded from the DNA of Anyone CBGB's 1977 instead of DNA bits from Michael Stipe. Serafin is the type of band that sound like they would be a ball of energy live, all guitar maelstrom and black leather cool. Oh wait, I DID see them live, at South By Southwest this past March. And they did rock. Hard. So there.

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