Since Weíve Become Translucent

Donít call it a come back, Mudhoney have been here for years. The gnarly quartet from Seattle have recorded seven heavily psychedelic rock albums, and recently dropped their eighth and most explosive load, Since Weíve Become Translucent, on August 20. ìSonic Infusionî is a hazardous 4-minute barrage of screeching vocals, wailing guitars, trippy feedback, and an undeniable plea to all of the critics, posers, and fans, explaining that even though all of this garage rock revival is ìinî right now, Mudhoney have been doing it for years. 12 incendiary years to be exact. Since Weíve Become Translucent is a collection of Mudhoneyís most wild and determined songs that will hopefully inspire a new generation of experimental rockers.

Sub Pop

Since Weíve Become Translucent