Stone Roses Greatest Hits Compilation Finalized

In further news to warm the cockles of the hearts of Stone Roses fans aching for any semblance of sings of peace from their warring heroes, the tracklisting for the band's upcoming greatest hits has been announced. This is the first time the band has worked together on any sort of project since their fiery implosion in 1995. All four original members, Ian Brown, John Squire, Alan "Reni" Wren and Gary "Mani" Mounfield, worked on putting together the 15-track compilation, which includes tracks from both their self-titled debut and 1994's Second Coming. Squire provided more Jackson Pollock-esque cover art, just as in the band's heyday, and original producer John Leckie remastered the tracks at Abbey Road. The album drops on November 4 in the UK and hopefully, the rumored reunion is not far off?

The tracklisting for The Very Best Of The Stone Roses:

"I Wanna Be Adored"

"She Bangs The Drums"

"Ten Storey Love Song"


"Made Of Stone"

"Love Spreads"

"What The World Is Waiting For"

"Sally Cinnamon"

"Fools Gold"

"Begging You"

"Elephant Stone"

"Breaking Into Heaven"

"One Love"

"This Is The One"

"I Am The Resurrection"

Stone Roses Greatest Hits Compilation Finalized