White Stripes Album Done For Less Than Puffy's Friday Night Bar Tab

Jack and Meg White have finished recording the follow-up to their highly successful V2 debut White Blood Cells. NME has reported that the bro/sis duo have completed an estimated 20 tracks in less than two weeks for around $10,200. Actual recording costs only added up to about $7,000, but with living expenses factored into the equation, the whole thing was done for a measly $10 grand. Of the 20 or so tracks laid down during the two-week period, 15 are expected to make the final cut. Liam Watson, owner/producer of Toe Rag studios (where the album was recorded), said, “There’s more than an album’s worth of material, plus a couple of songs to choose from, plus a couple of B-sides, so it’s actually a lot. They’re pretty efficient.” Brilliant deduction, Watson! Stay tuned to the Tripwire for more.

POSTED September 17, 2002 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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