Minneapolis' Faux Jean boasts a six-piece line-up, smart, neo-mod suits, and super-hip alter egos. I can assure you that bassist Faux Wayne, keyboardist Jean D'ax, and frontman Faux Jean aren't sporting their real names, but honestly, who cares. This band from 21st century Middle America has somehow managed to blend the best of 1960's East and West coast rock n' roll (most obviously the Velvet Underground and the Beach Boys) with British psychedelia to create something all their own. Dressed in their fly suites to "look good," rather than to make some sort of socioeconomic statement, Faux Jean ooze confidence; and rightfully so. Their debut album, Nature is packed full of meaty bass lines, groovy guitar licks, funktified percussion and deadly boy-girl harmonies that more than back up for the band's perceived cockiness. While Faux Jean can pull off more laid back tunes, Nature is at is best during the album's more fast-paced tracks. Thankfully, they are plentiful. "Hey!," "G-a-go-go," "Chartreuse Skirt," "The Last of the Last of the Super-Secret Stash," and "Kiss Life on the Lips" are among the high-energy, feel-good efforts on Nature Contact Nick to get yourself a copy.

Faux Jean