Upon listening to the cold, staccato beats of Ladytron's sophomore album, Light& Magic, all sorts of computer thoughts come rushing into your head. It's the sound of cyborgs mixing with humans, the intergalactic sounds of how Logan's Run masterminds expected the world to be in 2002. The cover photo of the band fits that vibe perfectly, as well, all icy-cool and decked out in black, the epitome of music for the next century; and the band has got songs, to boot. Taking off where 2000's 604 left off, Light& Magic is at the forefront of the electroclash scene, with its nu-skool early-Depeche Mode beats and dueling femme vocals. "Blue Jeans" sounds like Stereolab getting in a car crash with St. Etienne, while "Seventeen" is Kraftwerk meets Dot Allison in a dark alley in the red light district. Whether Ladytron is best suited for Logan's Run or the disco on Buck Rogers can be debated, but the fact is this: the future is now.

Emperor Norton