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Tommy Lee Gets Naked on VH1

Has-been rocker Tommy Leeís VH1 special will air on September 23rd on the music channel. The behind-the-scenes look, taped over a span of three months, will be called VH1 Presents: Tommy Lee: the Naked Truth. Lee first planned on letting the network film his day-to-day life for his own reality series, but with the recent flood of such programs into the market, he backed out in favor of this one-off special. According to Rolling Stone, Lee will tackle all of todayís important topics, including his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, her new boy toy Kid Rock, and his expert parenting tips (yawn). The big question someone obviously forgot to ask is, ìWho the hell cares?î

Posted: September 18, 2002
Tommy Lee Gets Naked on VH1