Chems Get American on November 19

The American EP, a 7-track EP featuring remixes and videos, is the next release in the pipeline for the Chemical Brothers. The CD will drop on November 19, courtesy of your friends at Astralwerks Records and Tapes, and is set to consist of three remixes, video tracks for "Star Guitar" and "The Test," a B-side and a currently undetermined live bit. To top it off, those of you lucky enough to be in the 212 or heading there for the CMJ festival will have an opportunity to see the only appearance by the duo, as they rock the house on November 2.

The tracklisting for The American EP:

"Star Guitar (Remix)"

"Hoops (Remix)"

"Come With Us (H Foundation Mix)"


unknown live selection

"The Test" (Video)

"Star Guitar" (Video)

Chems Get American on November 19