Live - Plea For Peace Tour Is Victorious In Chicago

The 2002 Plea For Peace tour crashed through the cabaret Metro in Chicago this past weekend, with a strong anti-war message and a positive outlook on a future revolution. Sub City, Epitaph/Anti- and Asian Man Records deployed various artists for the annual festival, which this year helped bring awareness to the National Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (among other topics). Packed with punks and socialists, propaganda and petitions, the Plea For Peace Tour was a sweaty and informative success.

Friday night New Jersey's Bouncing Souls acted as fuel for an hour-long circle pit for the young crusty punkers who were mostly there to see Anti-Flag. The Souls sifted through their lengthy discography, and pulled out "Hopeless Romantic," "East Coast Fuck You," "Private Radio," and "True Believers". The Souls were tight as always and talked about a new record which is slated for a Spring 2003 release.

I caught The (International) Noise Conspiracy on both Saturday and Monday nights and, holy shit, were they good. Dressed from head to toe in bright red slacks, black cut off T-shirts, and INC arm bands, the Swedish quintet banged out hit after booty shaking hit from their sophomore effort, A New Morning Changing Weather. Last night, singer Dennis Lyxzen ran up to the VIP area and tiptoed on the upper deck rail like a balance beam. I thought he was going to jump, but judging by the stagnant crowd, no one was going to catch the hyperactive singer. "Smash It Up," "Up For Sale," "Capitalism Stole My Virginity," and a new bomber "Turn The Lights On"(?) all lit up the explosive set.

Alkaline Trio bassist Dan Andriano strummed an acoustic guitar for a short set, previewing songs from his forthcoming solo record which is still rumored for a 2002 release on Double Zero records. Dan also found time for two Alkaline tracks, "Crawl," and the other song completely slips my mind, but ends with "I don?t know, I don?t know, I don?t know who your boyfriend is." Yeah, that song.

The Promise Ring, following up the near-fatal act by INC, definitely held their own and played one of the most vibrant and energetic sets that I have seen the kids play in a while. They featured two new (B-sides) from the Wood/Water 12" and the upcoming "Suffer Never" UK single, along with a hefty selection of Wood/Water tracks. "Size Of Your Life," "Stop Playing Guitar," Suffer Never," "Wake Up April," "Get On The Floor, "My Life Is At Home" all featured in the stellar set. The Ring will continue to play dates on this tour before shooting the video for their next single, "Suffer Never," in late in October.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Plea For Peace Tour Is Victorious In Chicago