Lapalaco is an album that is five years in the making, and its depth, texture, and craftily sculpted songs prove that it was well worth the wait. Benson, who some of you may already know and love from his 1996 album One Mississippi, moved back home to Detroit from Oakland, CA, to overcome a wicked case of writerís block and the result is a collection of 12 pop gems. Benson produced, wrote, and performed Lapalco himself in his home studio with former Jellyfish axeman and good friend Jason Falkner lending a hand on 5 of the tracks. Lapalco, is a breath of fresh air in this hard rock driven world we call alternative radio and Bensonís use of witty lyrics, universally appealing melodies and diverse song tempos and structures make it an instant favorite. Stand out tracks include "Tiny Spark," "Metarie," "Good To Me," ñ shitÖ theyíre all good. Just pick up the album, start at the beginning, kick back and enjoy.

Brendan Benson
StarTime International