John Mayer, Train, Featured on Aware Records ìHitsî Comp

Aware Records, the indie label that jump-started the careers of Matchbox Twenty, Train, & Hootie, amongst others, will drop a greatest hits compilation album on October 29. Simply dubbed Greatest Hits, the compilation will feature a collection of songs that were originally included on past Aware compilation albums. John Mayer, Vertical Horizon, Train, and Tabithaís Secret (who changed their name to Matchbox Twenty), all have tracks on Greatest Hits. According to Billboard, special highlights include specially re-recorded versions of songs from The Gufs, Verve Pipe, Cary Pierce and a live version of Trainís ìMeet Virginia.î Check out the full track listing.

Aware Records Greatest Hits:

John Mayer - "My Stupid Mouth"

Tabitha's Secret (Matchbox Twenty) - "3 AM"

Better Than Ezra - "Good"

Five For Fighting - "Easy Tonight"

Shannon Worrell - "Eleanor"

Vertical Horizon - "Man Who Would Be Santa"

Train - "Meet Virginia"

The Gufs - "Give Back Yourself"

Verve Pipe - "Spoonful of Sugar"

Shawn Mullins - "Lullaby"

Guster - "Window"

Hootie & The Blowfish - "Old Man & Me"

Cary Pierce - "Vineyard"

Edwin McCain - "Solitude"

John Mayer, Train, Featured on Aware Records ìHitsî Comp