Live ñ Coldplay Wrap Up US Tour With A Bang

Chicago loves Coldplay. In the windy city, ìIn My Placeî can be heard multiple times per hour, on a number of different stations. Coldplay took over the airwaves of Q101 yesterday for two hours of mid-day fun with Nikki, and are returning to the alternative giant today to spend some time with Mancow. I also heard some rumors about an Oprah appearance (not really). It seems as if Coldplay love Chicago just as much as we love them. On August 2, they kicked off their North American tour with an MTV 2$Bill show at the intimate Vic Theatre and last night, not two months later, the amazing UK sensations were back, this time at the much larger UIC Pavilion.

Though Sir Paul McCartney was just miles away singing ìFreedomî for the 20,000th time at the United Center, no one at the Coldplay show seemed care (most I talked to didnít even know about it). And why should they, Coldplay put together an unbelievable set and Chris Martin made sure that no one left disappointed.

I walked in right as Coldplay unleashed the opening notes of ìPolitik,î somehow found my seat amid the craziness (not that I actually sat in it), and was treated to song after song of pure perfection. With only two albums under their belt, Coldplay have developed into a force to be reckoned with. Between Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to Head, Coldplay have put together a collection of quality songs that takes the average band five albums to piece together. Coldplay jumped between the two releases with ease, hitting ìShiver,î ìTrouble,î ìYellow,î and ìEverythingís Not Lost,î the latter of which Chris Martin snuck in the chorus of Nellyís ìHot In Herre.î The crowd ate it up.

ìGreen Eyesî and ìGod Put A Smileî were impressive and Tim Wheeler of Ash joined the London-based quartet to play guitar and add backing vocals to the ìThe Scientist,î which will be the second single from Rush. Coldplay even treated their American friends to ìThe One I Love,î a B-side from the ìIn My Placeî single.

Coldplay encored with ìClocksî and ìIn My Place,î but right before the last song of the evening, a fan, who had emailed Chris Martin some six months before to beg for permission, actually came out and proposed to his girlfriend on stage. It was quite a weird, but very amusing.

The night ended with the hidden track at the end of Parachutes (I still donít know what itís called) and a heartfelt farewell to the US of A from all the members of Coldplay. They will surely be missed.

Live ñ Coldplay Wrap Up US Tour With A Bang