Behind The Music

Funny thing, this music industry bit. The Soundtrack of Our Lives were buzzing hard
in the UK for the past year, and had peeps fired up on this side of the pond, as well, if the scenes of mayhem at their showcases this past spring in
Austin for South By Southwest and in Los Angeles were any indication. BUT THIS BAND
HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE 1994. They've released multiple albums in their native
Sweden and in the UK, but nothing in the US. Until now. Something tells me the strength of their newest full length
Behind The Music changed all that. Initial single "Sister Surround" is a brilliant summery
pop-jaunt, mixing the Rolling Stones with Teenage Fanclub - a big sparkly
sing-a-long jam, with jangly guitars shimmering underneath. "Infra-Riot" is a stompy, Oasis-meets-Americana-flavored guitar barnburner, while The Soundtrack shift gears on "In Someone Else's Mind," continuing their melodic songwriting sense, but stripping away all the veneer. After spending time with this
album, you realize this may just be the world's first perfectly named band...

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Universal Records

Behind The Music