MTV2 Handpicked Volume II On The Way

The all videos, all the time network and Capitol Records have teamed up for the second installment of the MTV2 Handpicked CD series. Set to hit the shelves on October 22, MTV2 Handpicked Vol. II will feature 14 tracks and three video clips from the likes of Coldplay, The Hives, The Vines, and Jimmy Eat World to name a few. It's kind of like a cool version of NOW That's What I Call Shitty Music Volume 87 (or whatever those compilations are called). According to Billboard, MTV2 will also air a TV special to celebrate the release of the disc. The program will air on October 14 and will be hosted by the boys of Phantom Planet (whose song "Lonely Day" made the Handpicked cut). The original Handpicked compilation was released last December and featured songs from Tenacious D, Travis, and Ryan Adams. Check out this year's Handpicked track listing.

MTV2 Handpiced Vol. II:

The Vines - "Get Free"

The Hives - "Hate To Say I Told You So"

OK Go - "Get Over It"

Coldplay - "In My Place"

Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle" (acoustic)

Phantom Planet - "Lonely Day"

Howie Day - "Ghost"

Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why"

Doves - "Caught by the River"

John Mayer - "No Such Thing" (live)

Guster - "Ramona"

Citizen Cope - "If There Is Love"

Jack Johnson - "Inaudible Melodies"

The Music - "Take the Long Road and Walk It"

Enhanced Bonus Tracks:

The Vines - "Get Free" (live @ MTV VMAs, Aug. 29th)

Coldplay - "In My Place" (live @ the "2$Bill Show," Chicago, Aug. 2nd)

OK Go - "Get Over It" (full-length promotional video clip)

MTV2 Handpicked Volume II On The Way