The Transplants Set Up Listening Parties, Post New MP3

The Transplants, featuring Rob "SR" Aston, Tim Armstrong, and Travis Barker, will release their self-titled debut album on October 22 via Hellcat. The mischievous trio have set up listening parties at skate parks and clubs across the country, to introduce fans to their hip-hop and dance hall-fused punk rock. Rob and Travis will be at all of the appearances (except for Chicago-what's the deal?) handing out signed posters, CD booklets, T-shirts, and love. We snatched the audio stream for the first single, "Tall Cans In The Air," which is a ferocious bastard of scathing sounds, fueled by Aston's powerful rhymes and thug-like attitude. The Transplants will hopefully hit the road this fall (they played a small stint of shows earlier this year with Distillers).

10.05.02 - San Diego, CA (Epicenter)

10.05.02 - Chicago, IL (Scrap Skate Park)

10.09.02 - Phoenix, AZ (Hoodlums - ASU)

10.10.02 - Ventura, CA (Skate ST.)

10.10.02 - San Barbara, CA (the Living Room)

10.12.02 - Pomona, CA (The Glasshouse)

Source: Jason Anfinsen

The Transplants Set Up Listening Parties, Post New MP3