A Hundred Days Off

Rick Smith (producer) and Karl Hyde (singer/producer) began their musical career fresh from Cardiff University in the ë80s as funk-pop freaks Freur, before enlisting DJ Darren Emerson to assemble electronic/multimedia juggernauts Underworld. Emerson departed to concentrate on a solo career, leaving longtime buds Hyde and Smith to bury themselves in a mosaic of tribal percussion and soulful blues loops, creating a soundtrack for the times. A Hundred Days Off, Underworldís fourth album, is a tranquil journey amongst real instruments (purchased at Ray Manís Percussion Shop), rejoicing in serene and peaceful surroundings, separating itself from previous dark horses like Dubnobasswithmyheadman or Second Toughest In The Infants. ìTwo Months Offî is a classic peek inside the mind of two exceptional collaborators, with Hydeís hypnotic echo of ìYou bring light in,î featuring prominently atop of a rump-shakiní beat foundation poured by Smith.


A Hundred Days Off