It's A Sunshine Day, Czech Republic's Finest Light Up West Coast

Doesn't get much better than electro-punk from the Czech Republic! The foursome known as Sunshine are finally coming back to shake your ass after a 2-year absence from touring the US (you may remember them from the many shows they played with At The Drive In in 2000). Granted, they will only be playing a week's worth of shows in Southern California before heading to NY for CMJ, but I suggest you go see them if you are lucky enough to live in one of these cities.

Their last record, Necromance, was only released on the Czech label Day After because the boys had a very un-sunshiney experience with a label they had previously dealt with and therefore decided that for the time being they would stay with what felt comfortable. Unfortunately, this left us sorry sods that don't have a good record store that stocks imports from the Czech Republic (does a store like this exist?) Sunshine-less. Don't fear, the boys have had plenty of label interest and after this visit to the US, we're sure to be able to get their records at every record store very soon.

Check out the band's website if you aren't lucky enough to attend any of the shows below and be sure to check out "Narcoleptic Feedback" on the forthcoming Cornerstone Player .037.

Sunshine Tour Dates:

10.21.02 - Los Angeles, CA (Live performance at KXLU at 5 pm)

10.22.02 - Los Angeles, CA (The Troubadour, w/ The French Kicks and NO. 2)

10.23.02 - Anaheim, CA (Chain Reaction, w/ The Vanishing, Champagne Kiss, Grand Elegance)

10.24.02 - Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland, w/ Jucifer, The Vanashing)

10.25.02 - San Diego, CA (Che CafÈ, w/ Moving Units, The Vanishing, Grand Elegance)

10.26.02 - San Diego, CA (The Casbah, w/ Melt Banana, 400 Blows, Tourette's Lautrec)

10.27.02 - Los Angeles, CA (The Smell, w/ The Vanishing, Champagne Kiss, Living Science Foundation)

11.02.02 - Brooklyn, NY (Warsaw for CMJ)

Source: Tiffany Steffens

It's A Sunshine Day, Czech Republic's Finest Light Up West Coast