Radiohead Get Recording Process Started In L.A.

Radiohead have already recorded ten tracks for consideration for their pending sixth studio album. The band recorded the songs in Los Angeles during the last two or so weeks, and according to an interview with NME, frontman Thom Yorke says the band "wanted

to capture the whole performance thing really. Catching a particular moment, because Kid A and Amnesiac were quite heavily thought through, so we're trying to do the exact opposite of that really." Contrary to published reports, however, this doesn't necessarily mean the band is going to pick up their guitars and rock out like it's 1995 again.

"That's the thing that would be a mistake to think, it's just sort of capturing that energy," he stated. The band will now head back to the UK with longtime producer Nigel Godrich to finish recording the album, with a due date of early next year. Yorke is intent on making sure the album is ready on time, adding "
Another two years doing a fucking record? We'll go crazy!" GO crazy? You might already be there, mate!

Radiohead Get Recording Process Started In L.A.