Le Funk

With an album title like Le Funk and a sound that's as dancy as a Parisian discothËque, one may come to the conclusion that VHS Or Beta are a fresh new French import, and with good reason. Le Funk can easily be compared to an album by Daft Punk or Cassius, but VHS Or Beta hail from America's heartland, Louisville, Kentucky. What adds to the band's unique flava is that they don't spin the funktastic house music, they play it. Loaded with a pair of guitars, a bass and a hi-hat happy drummer, these kids from the Midwest can get down with the best of the best. They bring a human energy to the sometimes-monotonous world of dance music and, from what I hear, put on one of the meanest live shows around. The band wants to help people have fun, plain and simple, and Le Funk expresses that vibe perfectly. Though the album only features 6 tracks (2 live), it doesn't lack substance or running time (40min 9sec), as everyone is well aware, disco knows no 4-minute outings. Songs like "Heaven," "Disco paradise," and "On and On" are as funky as the sweat from Bootsy Collins' left arm pit (peeeewwwwww, that's funky). In short, their name is VHS Or Beta and they're here to Le Funk? you up!

VHS Or Beta
On! Records

Le Funk