Free So Free

Everyone knows J. Mascis for his groundbreaking work with his former band, Dinosaur Jr. That band helped to pioneer the birth of alternative rock and in the process, managed to make themselves into cult icons. J. Mascis, now on his third post-Dino outing, hasnít lost a step and has continued to find new and intriguing ways to find inspiration. Free So Free is a concept album focusing on his latest passion, skydiving. In fact, the majority of the songs on Free were actually written in mid-air. ìFreedom,î the albumís first track, is not coincidentally about J.ís first parachute jump. The songís energy continuously builds until climaxing (get those dirty thoughts out of your head) in a blaze of aggressive guitar mayhem, capturing the excitement of that first leap into nothingness. Weeeeee! From the ìMaggot Brainî-inspired title track to the acoustic-turned electric ride that is ìIf Thatís How Itís Got To Be,î Free So Free is an interesting excursion from one of alternative rockís forefathers and is definitely worth checking out.

J. Mascis And The Fog
Ultimatum Music

Free So Free