The Red Record

You have to wonder what to expect from a band that cites Michael Jackson's Thriller as a band-starting influence and used to be ia Guns 'N' Roses cover band as unimaginatively monikered as .22s And Tulips. Never fear, however, as Tri-Cities, WA's Loudermilk are far more interesting than their previous shortcomings would have you believe. From the opening notes of "Estrogen, Oxygen Aches In The Teeth Again" from their DreamWorks debut The Red Record, it's obvious these youngsters can bring the rock. The aforementioned track harkens back to prime-era Smashing Pumpkins, all soaring guitars and vitriolic vocals while the perfectly named "Rock 'N' Roll & The Teenage Desperation" is just as snotty and brash as you'd hope. The Pumpkins guitar tones rear their heads on a couple of different tracks on the record, and bits and pieces of the sonic puzzles of Soundgarden and Motley Crue can be found as well. Make sure to catch the quartet live, as well, as drummer Isaac Carpenter is one of the best live drummers to land on the scene in recent memory.


The Red Record