"It's In Our Hands" (Single)

In planning the release of her first greatest hits album, Icelandic avant-pop princess Bj?rk didn't decide which tracks to include by choosing those with the greatest amount of sales success or those which garnered the most radio airplay. Instead, she allowed her fans to vote for their favorite songs, essentially putting the power where it belongs: in the "hands" of those who will be shelling out 16 bucks a pop on the release. "It's In Our Hands" is the one new track from that album, and it's everything you'd expect and hope to hear. As with most of her songs, this track has the perfect blend of oddity, innovation, and accessibility. Layers upon layers of spacey electronic backing beats and trippy samples slingshot Bj?rk's unique soaring vocals into the stratosphere. Look for Greatest Hits in early November.


"It's In Our Hands" (Single)