Big Boy

Rising from the ashes of the critically-acclaimed-but-actually-not-all-that-appealing Nude records act Ultrasound may have seemed like a long, hard battle when that band broke up, but keyboard player Matt Jones has finally unchained himself from the albatross that was his former band and started up a new group. This merry bunch of minstrels, culled from other past recording acts, is named in UK football style and called Minuteman FC. Luckily, Minuteman FC can do easily what a number of signed acts are never able to do: write a good tune. "Big Boy," the first single from their debut album, Resigned To Life, kicks off with a drum machine and an intricately catchy guitar line, before live drums and bass crash the party, sounding not unlike a male-fronted Pretenders or any number of bands from the halcyon days of alternative radio. Just promoted Minuteman FC may be starting at the bottom of the standings, but they're working their way up in a hurry.

Minuteman FC

Big Boy