Wes Borland Needs A Singer, Rappers Need Not Apply

Eat The Day, the band formed by Wes Borland following his departure from the Bizkit, is still in need of a singer. Apparently, the group was planning on handling the vocal duties themselves but they've changed their mind and are now asking anyone and everyone to send in demos. There is one stipulation however ñ NO RAPPERS! So all you Fred Durst wannabes (if there are any left) you can leave your homemade tapes where they belong - in your lame Fast And The Furious hot rod. According to NME, Eat The Day has no plans to travel the US holding mass auditions at music shops because that method of recruitment has been proven to fail miserably.

Borland posted the following on www.eattheday.com:

"In the last few months we have been auditioning singers. We had originally planned on handling the vocal duties ourselves, but after much toil have decided that the quality of our voices does not match the quality of our music. Basically we have been instrumental musicians for 15 years and vocalists for six months. The difference between the two just wasn't measuring up, and our playing was suffering because we were trying to do so many jobs at once."

"Please only send in submissions if you are serious, and don't bother sending in any RAP because it will immediately be thrown into the garbage. Also, we are looking more for a beautiful voice and NOT a Nu-Metallish type of vibe. Someone who is extremely dynamic. Someone who can sing as sweetly as Jeff Buckley and also scream bloody murder, but we are ready to be open minded to almost anything except for RAP. We're really looking for a partner and a friend to be with us for years and years."

Contact Info:



Eat The Day

P.O. Box 103

1954 Hillhurst Ave.

Los Feliz, CA 90027

Wes Borland Needs A Singer, Rappers Need Not Apply