Come Back Around

While Feeder sadly lost their drummer, Jon Lee last December to suicide, their fans can take solace in the fact that their songwriting has not suffered one iota. The band roars back after their hiatus to slap us in the face with their brand of roaring guitar madness on "Come Back Around." Often viewed as the UK version of Foo Fighters, the new single does not disappoint, as singer/guitarist Grant Nicolas (remember, he looks just like David Beckham) and bassist Taka Hirose have brought ex-Skunk Anansie drummer Mark Richardson into the fold, not to replace their friend, as no one could do that, but as a new member of the family, and Feeder does not miss a beat. The band was obviously hit hard by the tragedy, and the chorus of "come back around/I miss you around" can definitely be seen as a plea to their fallen mate. The rollicking guitars and Nicolas' great alt-rock voice just go to show that rock songs with tuneful vocals and great hooks never go out of style.


Come Back Around