Hear David Gray's New Album One Track At A Time

David Gray's new album, A New Day At Midnight, will be in stores on November 5, but who in their right mind can wait that long to hear it? Well, don't worry, you don't have to. A special website has been created for Midnight that will solve your David Gray-jonesing in no time. Starting this week, a new track from the album will be made available for your listening pleasure each evening at 11:59 PM ET. As of right now, "Dead In The Water" and "Caroline" are available in streaming audio format, with 10 more nights/songs to go before the the album will be available in its entirety.

From Saturday the 26th of October until its release date on November 5, the entire album will be available exclusively from www.anewdayatmidnight.com. Lyrics, tour dates, exclusive downloads, photos from the recording sessions and more will also be available via the website. Check out the full date/song release info below.

On-Line Listening Party Track Availability Schedule:

10.14.02 - Monday night, 11:59 PM, "Dead in the Water"

10.15.02 - Tuesday night, 11:59 PM, "Caroline"

10.16.02 - Wednesday night, 11:59 PM, "Long Distance Call"

10.17.02 - Thursday night, 11:59 PM, "Freedom"

10.18.02 - Friday night, 11:59 PM, "Kangaroo"

10.19.02 - Saturday night, 11:59 PM, "Last Boat to America"

10.20.02 - Sunday night, 11:59 PM , "Real Love"

10.21.02 - Monday night, 11:59 PM, "Knowwhere"

10.22.02 - Tuesday night, 11:59 PM, "December"

10.23.02 - Wednesday night, 11:59 PM, "Be Mine"

10.24.02 - Thursday night, 11:59 PM, "Easy Way to Cry"

10.25.02 - Friday night, 11:59 PM, "The Other Side"

10.26.02 - 11.05.02 - A New Day At Midnight

Hear David Gray's New Album One Track At A Time