Make Up The Breakdown

Hot Hot Heat formed in 1999, bringing the streets of British Columbia Canada to a boiling point with their tailor-made combination of '60s mod rock, '70s prog and '80s new wave/punk. In their short time together, HHH have formed an enormous militia of retro, prog rockers, while making new fans on tours with Vue, The Locust, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Pretty Girls Makes Graves, and others. Make Up The Breakdown, the eclectic quartet's 10-song debut, is a "throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care" good time for every disco dancer in the bunch. This contender for "coolest record of the year" is a wicked dose of upbeat madness, with addictive singles like "No, Not Now," and "Naked In The City Again." Fueled by linear keyboards and oddball vocals from Steve Bays, "Bandages" is a peppy solicitation for addiction that will have you hooked after one listen. When we say hooked, we mean addicted, like R. Kelly to (allegedly) sexing-up minors hooked.

Hot Hot Heat
Sub Pop

Make Up The Breakdown