Live - Snapcase Brings Creative Transmission to Chicago

The cold and rainy weather did not delay dozens of Snapcase fans from lining up outside of Chicago's Metro this past Thursday evening. Many of them, including myself, were wondering who would be drumming for this talented quintet from Buffalo, NY, since their most recent drummer, Tim Redmond, had left the band to embark on his teaching career.

Before the show, I had the chance to answer that very question when I spent some time with my fellow Buffalonians. I asked Dustin Perry (bass), "Who will be taking Tim's spot on drums?" He introduced me to the individual sitting next to me, Ben Lythberg, who definitely fit the mold of the group when I heard him beat the hell out of his drum kit throughout the show.

At exactly 9 PM, Snapcase opened with "Caboose," off of their LP, Progression Through Unlearning (2000), as a sea of overwhelming cheers welcomed them onto the stage. The energy of the group had already started a circle pit before lead singer, Daryl Taberski, could even open his mouth. The crowd ate up Daryl's lyrics though every song, and literally screamed for more. Frank Vicario and John Salemi's chaotic guitar hooks become even more impressive with every song. Once you think they can't top what they've achieved, they come back and surprise you with more.

As Snapcase continued their set, they played a number of my favorite tunes, such as "Break the Static," "She Suffocates," "Bleeding Orange," "Zombie Prescription," "Energy Dome," their big radio hit, "Typecast Modulator," as well as many songs off their new release on Victory Records, "End Transmission."

Over the past decade, Snapcase has evolved into one of the most respected and well-known hardcore bands in the nation. As they continue their tour in support for their new release, I highly suggest you go and check them out when they come into your town. I send them luck on the open road, and applaud them for their astounding achievements.

Source: Katie Ramsey

Live - Snapcase Brings Creative Transmission to Chicago