Live - Boy Sets Fire To Chicagoland

Opening with "After the Eulogy," Boy Sets Fire caught the attention of every person attending this past Thursday's show at Chicago's Metro. The energy and talent of this Delaware quintet was, and always has been, nothing short of impressive.
Lead singer, Nathan Gray screamed his heart out, while Josh Latshaw and Chad Istvan's guitar hooks created the familiar hardcore sound the band has been known for. The crowd grew more and more excited with every song. In fact, a number of kids tried to lift themselves up on the barricade just to get a chance to sing into Grey's microphone when he leaned into the audience.

Throughout the show, Boy Sets Fire played a number of familiar tunes from previous albums, including "In Hope," "Pure" (a personal favorite), "Swing Set," "Unspoken Request," "My Life in the Knife Trade," and "The Force Majeure." They also performed a number of tracks off of their new Wind-up Records released EP, "Live for Today," including "Curtain Call," and their powerful 9/11-inspired song, "Release the Dog." "White Flag of Desire," a notable new track that had never been recorded, was also incorporated into their set list.

Closing with "Rookie" and a very big thank you to those who came out to the show, Boy Sets Fire left the crowd chanting for more as the lights in the theatre went up. Before leaving, Gray jumped down between the barricade and stage to shake hands and chat with the majority of the front row.

Boy Sets Fire's political views have been well respected and admired for years by fans, which shows in the faces of this Thursday's concert goers. I highly suggest that if they happen to stop into your town, you should not only attend the show, but you should probably look into purchasing the music for the ride home.

Source: Katie Ramsey

Live - Boy Sets Fire To Chicagoland